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We're distilling the most valuable lessons we've learned from coaching 100+ tech leads, managers, directors, engineering VPs, and CTOs and distilling them into powerful and immersive leadership experiences.
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“This is not your typical training program! Others seem to be a long list of tactics divorced from real life. This leadership experience shared useful tactics contextualized in self-awareness, with concrete actions our current and emerging engineering leaders could incorporate into their day-to-day work.”

Madeline Bermes - Head of Engineering Operations at Medium

“Edmond co-led a workshop for the Engineering Managers at Quip during a very formative period for our team. We learned useful skills for quickly getting to someone's true motivations and individual values and were immediately able to apply them to our day-to-day responsibilities as coaches. In a few hours, we built relationships and learned more about each other than I would have thought possible during the normal course of work. I can't recommend this experience enough!”

Alon Levi - Head of Engineering at Quip

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We lead highly experiential events — you're not going to be sitting back and have us lecture at you with slides. We're committed to transforming the way you work.

Through a series of demos, hands-on exercises, and discussions, you'll leave feeling confident and empowered to build trust in moments, not years.

Every tool you learn is grounded in our hundreds of hours of leadership coaching and training.

Every exercise is designed to be immediately useful and contextually based on what engineering and product teams face today.

Every discussion is backed by our two decades' worth of experience leading teams at top tech companies including Google, Quip, Medium, and Quora.

Building Alignment

Our full-day, flagship leadership experience in New York City and San Francisco.

Building Alignment: How to Create the Impact and Influence You Want as a Leader in Tech (NYC and SF)

September 20th, 2018 in New York City
October 11th, 2018 in San Francisco

Our full-day, flagship leadership experience.

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Creative Leadership Camp

A 3-day leadership retreat in Sonoma, California.

Creative Leadership Camp: Give Yourself Permission to Thrive in Chaos and Lead from Abundance (Sonoma, CA)

October 2nd - October 4th, 2018 in Sonoma, California.

An intimate, 3-day leadership retreat for engineering and product leaders.

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“I've spent a lot of time in various trainings and coaching sessions, and I learned things about communication in this workshop I didn't even learn at Harvard Business School. I felt Jean and Edmond did a great job of pulling out specific, high impact communication techniques and creating a safe environment to practice them in. Highly recommend going with a friend, co-worker, or co-founder.”

Ellen Chisa - CEO and Co-founder of Dark

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“I was concerned that the workshop would be too nebulous to be immediately useful. That was not the case. The communication tools I learned and practiced during the workshop were immediately useful in my personal life, and have already helped me have more meaningful conversations at work.”

Leighton Wallace - Engineer at Lever

“The workshop had a lot of valuable insights about effective communication and some tools specifically for getting to the root of what motivates people. Techniques like asking powerful questions have helped me in interpersonal relationships. I can imagine how it could add value to my team at work—I want all of them to take it!”

Elizabeth Ford - Engineer at Airbnb

“Edmond and Jean came across as well-planned, cohesive co-presenters. They both have the ability to break complex conversations to simple, first-principles based approach. It was an insightful day which provided the right amount of actionable tools for the attendees to build upon. I highly recommend them!”

Suyog Rao - Director of Engineering at Elastic Cloud

“[The] Engineering Manager Workshop was phenomenal. Just phenomenal. Not one minute was wasted, and all the takeaways are being used in our company today. We spent time diving into coaching tactics and walked away with techniques that we could use in our daily routines...By the end of the workshop, we were closer as a team, more confident as a group, better listeners, and ready to have more meaningful conversations with our reports or with anyone who has a relationship with us.”

Brina Lee - Engineering Manager at Quip