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“This is the training that I wish I'd received years ago when I first started working on my leadership skills.”
Daniel Martin - Site Reliability Engineer at Dropbox

Do you struggle with leadership?

  • Do you feel stretched too thin in getting things done?
  • Do you wonder if you're even doing a good job?
  • Do you feel anxious or stressed about running a team?
  • Do you struggle with balancing individual contributor work and team leadership?
  • Do you wonder how to delegate and trust that things will get done well?

You deserve to be supported in becoming a leader.

I've done a lot of reading around leadership and related skills building, but I still experienced a major, immediate leveling-up. We talk about "aligning values" a lot but I honestly had meager-to-no ideas on what that can look like in practice. Now, I get to the heart of why a team member prefers one solution or approach over another much more quickly.
Kate Taggart - Engineering Manager at Stripe

What Makes Co Leadership So Different?

We understand what it’s like to move into a leadership role with more responsibility and accountability but limited guidance or support. We've been there before.

Co Leadership offers the most effective leadership training for engineers.

The most targeted & relevant topics to tech leadership.

We have decades of combined experience working in Silicon Valley and do months of market research for each course we design.

Systems & frameworks that engineers understand.

We know how much of a black box people-related skills can seem, and we give structure to the otherwise mystical art of leadership.

Deep dives to integrate tools into your workflows.

We connect the dots from every tool back to your day-to-day — the team meetings, 1-on-1's, retrospectives, and more — to maximize the impact of everything you learn.

Our engineering team invited Jean and Edmond to run a half-day leadership experience at our offsite, and we had a very positive experience. The fact that Jean and Edmond are engineers themselves, helped tremendously keep the conversation real - no fluff, no theoretical gimmicks that sound interesting, but aren't necessarily applicable. We learned pure tooling that can be used by any engineer straight away.
Vlad Ionescu - Founder and Chief Architect, ShiftLeft Inc.

Know That You're Doing a Good Job When It Comes to People and Team Leadership

The technical skills that made you a strong individual contributor aren't enough to get you to become an effective leader.

You need the right structures and abstractions for the art of leadership.


Learn Tools & Frameworks

Our immersive in-person workshops focus on experiential learning packed with demos and live practice on real-life situations.


Apply Them at Work

We show you how to bring all the tools and frameworks back into your 1:1s, sprints, retrospectives, project kick-offs, and more.


Scale Your Impact

Have the impact and influence that you dream of for your career.

Edmond and Jean put together an amazing workshop. Their presentation format of Explain, Demo, and Practice worked wonders and really proved how powerful their exercises were. In just 15 minutes of one exercise, my co-worker and I cracked through the problem of a non-productive recurring meeting we were having. And just two weeks later we implemented the changes and found resounding success! I highly recommend Edmond and Jean's work especially for leaders from different departments who work together on a daily basis.
Brett Willemsen - Engineering Manager at Pager Duty

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