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We're bringing this book to life because we dream of a tech industry where everyone feels empowered to create the impact and influence they want to have in the world.

We're gathering stories of engineers growing into leaders and distilling the learnings and insights they gained to overcome all the struggles and obstacles they encountered along the way.

In this book, you'll:

  • Learn from the stories of struggle, doubt, and fear from some of the most well-regarded leaders in tech — and leave with a powerful tools, frameworks, and recipes to move yourself forward.
  • Discover the a-ha moments that led to the most impactful mindset shifts that got these leaders to where they are now.
  • Equip yourself with actionable next steps to help you discover your unique strengths, uncover gaps, and step into the leader you're meant to be.

We're interviewing some of the most influential and impactful leaders in tech, including:

Jocelyn Goldfein

Former Director at Facebook & VP of Engineering at VMware

Aditya Agarwal

Former CTO at Dropbox

Raylene Yung

Head of Payments at Stripe

Jason Wong

Former Director of Engineering at Etsy

Tess Rinearson

VP of Engineering at Interstellar

Juan Pablo Buritica

VP of Engineering at Splice

Tracy Chou

Co-Founder of Project Include

Kellan Elliot-McCrea

Former CTO at Etsy

Amber Feng

Head of Financial Infrastructure at Stripe

Ben Kamens

Former VP of Engineering at Khan Academy & Fog Creek

Darragh Curran

VP of Engineering at Intercom

We're including more stories from:

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And more.

About the Co-Authors

Edmond Lau is a co-founder of Co Leadership and the author of The Effective Engineer. He's coached 50+ people ranging from individual contributors, tech leads, managers, directors, and CTOs. Edmond's engineering and career advice has been featured on Forbes, Time, Slate, Inc., and Fortune.

Jean Hsu is a co-founder of Co Leadership and an engineering-manager-turned-leadership coach. She has coached 50+ individual contributors, tech leads, managers, and VPs at companies that include Dropbox, Medium, Asana, Slack, Github, Stripe, IFTTT, and Lever.