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I came in to this training with high hopes. I was hoping the training material would be practical and not all-too specific in the context of the company I work for. I wanted the training to apply to life in and out of work; as most principles of leadership apply to many angles in life. The Co Leadership team hit a freaking home run in this regard. Also, the pace of their delivery was very easy to follow and digest. The visuals were so good and painted the lessons easily in to my brain. I walk away from this training with some honest-to-goodness nuggets of practical wisdom that I've already put in to use. If ever I got the opportunity to attend this seminar again, I would totally jump on the chance!!!

JJ Macias
Tech Lead at Dropbox

This course is definitely a must-have for engineers transitioning into a leadership role. I was always focusing on my technical skills for making my impact and didn't think too much about my social and relationship skills. This course made it perfectly clear that those skills can easily be learned. Edmond and Jean packed so much valuable information together and the frameworks they provided made it easier for me to plan, prioritize, and communicate clearly in my day to day responsibilities.

Jon Kaya
Software Engineer at Dropbox

I used to think that a tech lead role was less structured than a more technical role like engineering. This workshop taught me that making the implicit explicit reveals the tech lead role as highly technical and structured.

The course has given me the ability to practically form-fit my role as a tech lead based on my strengths and passions for the good of my team’s needs. I now see a clear path to being effective at my role and helping my team to be effective at theirs.

Jonathan Stuckey
Senior Data Engineer at Shipt

The course's content is delivered in such way that helps a lot of us engineers to systematize and actually apply tools to skills that seamed unreachable — in particular, soft skills belonging to other kind of people. And now we can own it.

Miguel Da Silva
Software Engineer at Zoom

Having little in the way of mentors, I had no clue what I was even supposed to be doing as a leader. Seeing Jean and Edmond apply techniques live and workshopping some of the situations facing my team back home, I was able to see the leadership in what I was already doing. Learning the techniques boosted my confidence even further, because now I have a clear roadmap how to apply my strengths and passions to shape my role into what works best for myself and my team.

John Neuhaus
Senior Software Engineer at Collective Data

Having worked through Edmond and Jean's workshop on the foundations of technical leadership, I now feel empowered to work through the challenges of technical leadership in a more intentional and deliberate way. There are patterns in the things you can do to be a more effective tech lead, and there are ways to understand, discuss, and execute on them systematically; I am much more confident in my ability to do this going forward.

Matthew Hiller
Software Engineer at Dropbox

Before the course, I struggled with a lot of self-doubt based on my perception of what a Tech Lead is supposed to be. The course showed me that I'm in charge of defining what my role as a Tech Lead looks like. This allows me to focus on my passions and skills that bring the team the most value.

Will Anderson
Software Engineer at Dropbox

Prior to this course, I didn't have a good handle on what technical leadership looked like for me personally. I knew what other people thought of as technical leadership but I didn't see myself entirely in terms of those limited archetypes. This course gave me the tools to define what tech leadership for me and authentically pursue it. The biggest shift in mindset for me has been from thinking "tech leadership looks like X, Y, or Z; pick one" to "tech leadership looks like A-Z; pick all you want." Now, I can participate in team planning responsibilities and feel like it's part of technical leadership instead of detracting from it.

Sam Nichols
Senior Software Engineer at Dropbox